Tupewriter/Ticer - text effects

The component is designed to create the effect of a typewriter.

It works based on the standard UI Text. To work, just drag the "TypewriterText" prefab onto the stage. Works with all fonts and any font color!

You can run it in the following ways:

- Write the text in the TextSetting/Text field, and as soon as the component becomes active, the text will begin to appear letter by letter;

- Call the public event "print (Message)" (with different parameters, all parameters are commented out). This will allow you to use this component in other scripts and mechanics.

- Do not forget to indicate the color of your text.


- A random pause before the appearance of each letter (for greater realism), with the ability to adjust both the pause (for sure) and the deviation;

- Setting the color of the text;

- Animation of attenuation, with the ability to turn off and adjust the delay;

- Configuring print sounds, with the ability to disable.