Low resource-intensive snow system

This component is used to create a realistic snow effect.

This system is suitable for those who want a realistic snow effect with low resource consumption.

The principle of operation is to teleport 9 square particle systems after the camera.

Moreover, these particle systems do not rotate and imitate the space-world. Thanks to this, the effect is the most realistic. And due to the fact that the particle systems are not very large, a lot of resources are not required. In addition, the camera cannot fly outside the snow system, because the particle system is teleported to follow it.

In general, I described it as I could :) If you want more clearly, watch the video.

To work, just drag the "snow system" to the stage, set "ParticleSnowEffect" - the snow effect and" Target " - the object that will be followed by snow.

You can choose different snow effects. You can find all the effects in the "Particle" folder. To select the desired effect, move it to the "Particle Snow Effect" field.

The script code is commented!